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Tracy Morgan Alleges Brain Injury After Wal-Mart Truck Accident

Comedian Tracy Morgan is a well-known recent victim of an apparent brain injury caused by a truck accident. According to Morgan’s attorneys, the comedian sustained a traumatic brain injury in a truck crash in June that also killed one man and injured two others.

Morgan and several other passengers were in a limousine van stopped in traffic in a construction area on the New Jersey Turnpike when the limousine was hit by a Wal-Mart truck. The comedian spent several weeks in the hospital after sustaining a broken leg, ribs, and nose. He has spent the last few months in rehabilitation. In July, attorneys for the “30 Rock” star filed a personal injury lawsuit against Wal-Mart, the owner of the tractor-trailer involved in the accident. The retail giant has countered with an argument that the victims were partly at fault for their injuries because they were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash.

The truck driver faces criminal charges of vehicular homicide and assault by motor vehicles in New Jersey. He has not been named in Morgan’s civil lawsuit. No court trial date has been set on the criminal charges.

Morgan’s lawyer said that even though his client was trying to fully recover from his injuries, he may never again be the person he once was because of the severity of his brain injury.

This incident shows the sort of catastrophic injuries that can result from a truck accident. Brain injuries have life-altering effects that can include permanent disability. In the event that negligence is shown to be a contributing factor in an accident, the negligent party may be held liable for compensation.

Source: Claims Journal, “Tracy Morgan Said to be Battling Severe Brain Injury After Crash,” David Porter, Nov. 21, 2014