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Drug Pipe Found in Truck That Caused Deadly Truck Accident

Residents near Kansas City Missouri may be familiar with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an organization whose purpose is to stop drivers who drink and drive. Following the recent commercial vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer and a van that killed four students, the anti-drunk driving organization has even more reason to educate Americans about the dangers of impaired driving.

According to a report, the van carrying the victims was traveling southbound from their school when a tractor-trailer swerved off Interstate 35, crossed a median, and hit the van. The accident claimed the lives of four members of a football team, aged 19, 20, 19, and 18, respectively. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating a deadly accident.

A police report recently confirmed that a bag containing prescription drugs was found inside the commercial vehicle. They allegedly discovered a silver marijuana pipe as well, and are trying to determine whether the 53-year-old truck driver was impaired or under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident. Experts also state that two of the four prescription drugs found in the truck can cause drowsiness.

Although no charges have yet been filed against the truck driver, the victims’ families believe that the owner of the tractor-trailer, Quickway Transportation, and the truck driver was at-fault for causing the deadly accident. A negligence lawsuit was filed on behalf of three of the four truck accident victims, accusing the truck company and driver of carelessly operating the truck and failing to pay attention while driving.

Families who lost a loved one in a fatal accident sometimes pursue a wrongful death claim not just to receive compensation but to also receive justice for the victim’s passing. A wrongful death lawsuit may be able to give them peace of mind as well.

Source: Bloomberg, “Drug Pipe Found in Truck that Killed Four-Ball Players“, David Voreacos and Margaret Newkirk, Oct. 10, 2014