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Wrongful Death Case Involves Caramel Apple Death

Caramel apples are a delicious treat for many Missouri residents. But, the tasty sweetened fruit may be dangerous sometimes, just like the apple that poisoned Snow White in the fairy tale.

Some caramel apples were recalled several months ago after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that they were infected with Listeria. Seven people died after eating the apples.

One of the fatal accidents related to contaminated apples has resulted in legal action. According to the report, a wrongful death claim was filed by the family of a woman who died after eating a caramel apple last Halloween. The lawsuit named three defendants: Safeway, the distributor; Happy Apple Co., the apple maker; and Shafter farm, the supplier of apples.

The 82-year-old woman experienced dizziness and headaches a week after consuming the caramel apple. It was reported that the victim had no major health issues, but because of her dizziness, she fell and hit her head. She underwent surgery for bleeding on the brain and was released from rehabilitation. Ten days later she fell ill again and was diagnosed with meningitis. However, approximately two weeks later, doctors determined that the woman was actually suffering from listeria infection. She died the same day the diagnosis was made.

Happy Apple’s caramel apple products were recalled in December 2014 after the CDC traced the Listeria to its product. The product recall also included products sold by Merb’s Candies, Bionic Apples, Karm’l Dapples, Doubled Dipped Apples, and Kroger.

The recall affected people in 12 states. A total of 35 people were infected by Listeria monocytogenes; of those 35, 31 fell ill. Twenty-eight people stated that they ate commercially produced caramel apples before falling ill.

Death as a result of the carelessness of another can be painful for a Missouri family. However, if the fatal accident involves negligence, the accident victim’s family may have the chance to receive justice through a wrongful death lawsuit.