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SJB Earns Victims $2M Settlement In Gun Purchase Case

Shamberg Johnson & Bergman attorney David Morantz negotiated a $2 million settlement on behalf of several families whose relatives were injured or killed in a February, 2016 workplace shooting in Hesston, Kansas.  The settlement was hard earned and sends a strong message to gun retailers that failure to closely follow laws and regulations relating to straw purchases will result in significant ramifications.

A straw purchase occurs when a gun is bought by a person who is making the transaction on behalf of another person so as to avoid background checks.  Gun dealers can be held liable when dealer knows or should know that the gun is being purchased for another person.  In this case the purchaser used the shooter’s credit card to purchase guns that were later used in the workplace shooting that killed three and wounded 14.

Morantz is clear on the a gun dealers responsibility to avoid straw purchases.  “A settlement like this should put those gun dealers on notice that they need to operate correctly,” Morantz told Guns & America. “They need to adhere to the law and they need to help prevent straw purchases.”

News station KCUR reported on the settlement here:  https://www.kcur.org/post/multimillion-dollar-settlement-reached-kansas-gun-store-negligence-lawsuit#stream/0.

Watch ABC affiliate KMBC’s reporting here:  https://www.kmbc.com/article/pawn-shop-has-to-pay-2-million-to-family-of-hesston-shooting-victim/27187739

SJB received assistance on the case from the Brady United Against Gun Violence organization.  Read Brady’s press release for additional information.

Victory in Gun Dealer Lawsuit_ Global $2 Million Settlement Reached With Gun Dealer Who Transferred Firearms Used in Excel Industries Mass Shooting