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What is the connection between seatbelts and spinal cord injury?

Buckling up may feel uncomfortable for some motorists in Kansas City, Missouri. However, it is a simple way to protect yourself from a possibly serious injury, such as a spinal cord injury. In fact, seat belts, together with airbags, are designed to protect the vehicle's occupants from more severe injuries in the event of an accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a 2012 report stated that lap-shoulder seatbelts can limit the risk of a fatal injury to front seat occupants by 45 percent. The seatbelt also reduces the risk of moderate to severe injuries by 50 percent. In 2011, approximately 11,949 lives of children aged five and older were saved because they were wearing their seatbelts. As a result, law enforcement officers and the Department of Transportation are doing their best to educate motorists about the significance of seat belts, not only to protect against spinal cord injuries but also to protect against fatal injuries from a crash.

Where to turn when you suspect medical malpractice

Hospitals play a literally lifesaving role in society. As a result, hospitals and their staff are generally very well-respected among residents of Kansas City. However, behind every successful and respectable hospital are doctors, nurses and healthcare providers who are not exempt from committing mistakes.

Medical errors can occur in any hospital, including those in Kansas City. Unfortunately, some of these errors are unreported, resulting in worsening conditions or even death. Under such circumstances, it is important for families to know every detail concerning the alleged medical error. Our firm can thoroughly investigate a case in order to determine the root cause of a suspected incident of hospital negligence. For example, if a patient was mistakenly diagnosed, we can evaluate the case to identify if the doctor accurately diagnosed the patient's condition in a timely manner. This detailed analysis may provide the potential reason and fault for the incident.

Federal rules prohibit texting while driving for truck drivers

Nowadays, it seems that no one can spend an hour away from their cell phone. Many in Kansas City constantly look at their smart phones throughout the day -- even when they are behind the wheel. This trend has become a public safety issue and has been linked to many accidents.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also observed the role of distracted driving, specifically texting, in commercial truck collisions. The federal agency addressed the issue several years ago by prohibiting commercial truck drivers from using cell phones or any other mobile devices while driving.

Car fatally strikes Missouri teen waiting for school bus

Fatal accidents sometimes happen when people least expect them. However, many such incidents are preventable. For example, a deadly car crash can be avoided if a driver operates a vehicle with due care through any given circumstances. However, many drivers seemingly are willing to risk the lives of others when behind the wheel.

One community in Missouri did not expect that a teenager waiting for a school bus would lose his life on a recent school day morning. According to the report, a pedestrian-car accident ended the life of a 15-year-old student who was waiting for his school bus. The Missouri Highway Patrol said that the fatal accident victim was struck by an errant speeding car at the bus stop. The incident occurred on a local highway in St. Clair, Missouri, and the student died at the scene of the crash.

Education is key to coping with brain injury

An injury to the brain is one of the most serious bodily injuries. Missouri residents struggling with brain injury symptoms know that the extent of brain damage is sometimes hard to determine. Many healthcare professionals believe that people who sustain a brain injury as a result of an accident may have a hard time knowing if that injury is permanent. Fortunately, our firm is well-acquainted with the symptoms and effects of brain injuries and can provide plethora of information to an injured party.

A motorist involved in an accident may experience severe headaches after the accident and disregard this symptom, believing that a headache is not serious. However, head pain is one of the physical signs of traumatic brain injury. Ignoring any symptom may lead to extensive complications. Other physical symptoms include blurred vision, reduced or lost mobility, loss of taste and slurred speech. Our firm can advocate for a victim to undergo a battery of medical tests to identify if those symptoms are a sign of brain injury. A victim with a definitive diagnosis has a greater chance of full recovery and prevention of further complications.

What should you know about truck accidents?

Commercial trucks are a common sight on Missouri roadways and interstates. This is understandable, since trucks usually move products, materials and other goods. Unfortunately, trucks can create different road hazards and dangers for motorists in the event of a truck accident.

When it comes to a truck accident, Missouri residents should be aware of federal and state laws governing the trucking industry. These laws encompass different rules and regulations that must be followed by trucking companies and their drivers. The two primary federal agencies regulating truck accident cases are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Most of these regulations can be found in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Falls now leading cause of spinal cord injuries for all Americans

Until the last decade or so, any Missouri resident who suffered a spinal cord injury probably did so from a motor-vehicle crash. That is no longer the case. A recent study conducted by a Johns Hopkins University researcher determined that falls are now the leading cause of spinal cord damage in Americans, largely because of the growing numbers of elderly.

The study, which was reported in the Journal of Neurotrauma, evaluated a national data sample of 43,137 adults ages 18 to 64 that were treated for spinal cord injuries between 2007 and 2009. The rate of injury dropped from 52.3 persons per million in 2007 to 49.9 per million in 2009. For Americans 65 and older, however, the rate has shown a statistically significant increase: from 79.4 per million in 2007 to 87.7 per million in 2009. A previous study covering 2000 to 2005 found the average age of an injured patient to be 41, but new data shows the age has increased to 51. Falls are the leading cause of injury at 41.5 percent, with motor vehicle accidents second at 35.5 percent.

The importance of establishing a doctor's duty of care

A medical malpractice case in Kansas City, Missouri, or anywhere else in the U.S., may stem from a surgical error, misdiagnosis or general medical negligence. However, there are laws that govern medical malpractice cases. These laws vary from state to state, as well as from case to case. There are statutes that limit the ability of an individual to sue for medical malpractice, while there are provisions that also set a time limit for filing such actions. However, every state has a common requirement for medical malpractice cases, which is the doctor's duty of care.

A doctor's duty of care means that a physician owes a duty of care to patients before performing any necessary medical services or treatment. This requirement establishes the doctor-patient relationship, holding doctors legally responsible for any error or mistakes. For example, if a patient visits a physician for medical treatment, the doctor should guarantee that every treatment or examination conducted on the patient is safe and accurate. However, establishing a doctor's duty of care in incidents of medical error is not always easy.

Missouri woman sues Home Depot for family's wrongful death

Natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes and tornadoes have the ability to cause property damage issues for families in Jackson, Missouri. These occurrences can also sometimes cost a life, changing a family forever.

However, one Missouri woman believed that the tornado that hit her town in 2011 was not the primary reason why she lost her husband and children. She thought that the structure they were in was negligently constructed when the tornado approached. The woman lost half of her family from the tragedy, including her husband and two children, aged 5 and 19, respectively. Since their deaths, she filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Home Depot.

Facts about spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury is one of the most serious injuries a Kansas City, Missouri, resident can experience. Damage to the spinal cord can negatively impact an individual in so many ways and the number of people suffering from spinal cord injury continues to grow.

According to a publication released by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, the number of Americans who sustained a spinal cord injury was nearly 12,000 people in 2013. The National Spinal Cord Injury Database added that SCI usually affects young adults with half of all injuries affecting victims ages 16 to 30 years old. The average age of a spinal cord injury patient was 42. SCI typically affects males, who accounted for almost 81 percent of all spinal cord injuries.

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