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SJB Files Suit Alleging Wrongful Sale of Guns Used in Rampage

41 News (KSHB – Kansas City) reports on Shamberg Johnson & Bergman, joining the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, filing suit against a pawn shop located in Newton, Kansas.  SJB alleges the store, named A Pawn Shop, wrongfully and illegally sold an assault rifle and a handgun that was used in a deadly rampage in Hesston, Kansas.

The workplace shooting took place at a lawn equipment factory in February 2016.  The shooter, Cedric Ford, killed three and wounded 14 in the attack.

As a convicted felon, Ford was not allowed to possess firearms like the AK-47 style assault semi-automatic rifle or the .40-caliber pistol that were used in the shooting.  His girlfriend purchased the guns for Ford from A Pawn Shop in a “straw purchase”.  A straw purchase occurs when a person purchases guns specifically for another’s use when the end-user is not lawfully allowed to purchase or possess guns.

SJB and the Brady Center allege A Pawn Shop was aware or should have been aware, Ford’s girlfriend was purchasing the guns on Ford’s behalf.

Link here to read KSHB’s report:  https://www.kshb.com/news/state/kansas/pawn-shop-sued-over-2016-kansas-business-shooting.

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