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MoDOT Says Highway Safety Even More Important During Coronavirus Crisis

When most of the country is stuck at home trying to avoid a contagious virus, the hospital is the last place you’d want to be. With that in mind, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is trying to send a strong message to Missouri drivers that it is more important than ever to drive safely and obey all traffic laws (Highway Safety Even More Important During Pandemic).

The lack of traffic caused by the spread of COVID-19 has led to an increase in speeding, according to MoDOT officials and law enforcement, including the Missouri State Highway Patrol. On a portion of I-70, there were recently more than twice as many vehicles detected at over 80 miles per hour than over a similar time period last year. Three MoDOT vehicles were involved in accidents with distracted drivers last week alone.

“As with preventing the spread of COVID-19, personal responsibility is key to safe driving and ensuring that everyone arrives alive,” said MoDOT state highway safety and traffic engineer Nicole Hood. “Please do your part to make our roadways safer and not add to the workload of our already overburdened healthcare providers. Pay attention, drive sober, obey the speed limit, buckle up, and put your phone down.”

Hood further emphasized that drivers should not make the mistake of thinking that law enforcement has more important things to worry about than traffic laws. “Our law enforcement partners are continuing to enforce the rules of the road, and they will ticket you for traffic violations,” Hood said.

Although nationwide traffic is down almost 40%, numerous vehicles are still traveling the roadways of Missouri. Trucks are delivering necessary supplies, essential workers have to get to work, and MoDOT continues to support important transportation projects and crucial highway maintenance.

“Approximately 100 people per day die in crashes on our nation’s roadways – nearly three in Missouri,” Hood said. “Don’t be one of them. Please drive safely and do your part to save lives on Missouri roadways. Don’t add to the stress of a healthcare system that is already taxed dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.”

Please drive safely and don’t contribute to what is already an over-burdened American healthcare system. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, please contact Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman for a free consultation. We will only receive a fee in the event of a successful resolution of your case.