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The Kansas City Star: Kansans Won’t Have Needed Protections if Lawmakers Rush to Limit Coronavirus Liability

David Morantz, president of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association, says that unfortunately, it isn’t only doers of good deeds who are coming out with COVID-related products. “There are some bad actors out there” interested in cashing in on the coronavirus with various scams and shortcuts, he said. And if, for instance, they produced faulty PPE, the proposed curbs on liability could leave doctors and nurses with no recourse.

Morantz also tried to quell concerns that health care providers could be sued over procedures or visits that were put off or didn’t happen because of the pandemic. He said medical providers even now don’t have to pay damages for injuries if they follow basic, widely accepted standards of care. Limiting non-coronavirus medical treatment during the pandemic would easily fall into that category, he said.

Read The Kansas City Star’s entire article -> https://www.kansascity.com/opinion/editorials/article242755701.html