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KDOT Updates KanDrive Travel Info Website

KanDrive LogoThe Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) recently made improvements to its traveler-information website, KanDrive.org, to provide user-friendly, time-sensitive information to allow motorists to make informed decisions when traveling throughout the state (New KanDrive provides motorists more travel information). 

“The new KanDrive website is easier to use and includes more features that will help drivers as they travel Kansas highways,” Kansas Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz said. “Having access to the latest road condition information is important for travelers as it helps people get where they want to go and keeps the Kansas economy moving.”

The updated website will give users the ability to:

  • create personalized accounts to save favorite routes/areas
  • sign up for email alerts on specific highways
  • view a commercial vehicle mode for truck drivers
  • share individual event reports, road conditions, or cameras through Facebook, Twitter, or email

The new KanDrive site provides travel information promptly and clearly to users in a mobile-friendly format that can be viewed on screens of all sizes. Traffic conditions are updated 24 hours a day and seven days a week, including the following:

  • maintenance and construction activities
  • winter highway conditions
  • flooded roadways
  • incidents and crashes affecting traffic
  • closed highways

The site also includes a commercial vehicle mode that allows trucking companies to create text/email alerts providing information for their drivers about highly traveled routes, weigh stations, and rest areas. Details regarding bridge heights, weight capacity, roadway widths, and speed limits will also be available.

Efforts to use new technology to improve access to safety information by state agencies such as KDOT hopefully contribute to making our nation’s roadways safer. But it is long past time for the trucking industry to use its own money and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of American motorists instead of continuing on their never-ending quest to maximize profits at all costs.

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