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Wide turns can cause serious damage!

Why You Should Worry About Turning Trucks

Semi-trucks are large, cumbersome vehicles, and that presents a lot of challenges for both truck drivers and those around them. But one challenge that most people aren’t aware of is the danger trucks pose on city streets. To help illustrate this issue, you need to understand the problem with turning trucks.

Wide Turn

You may have seen a sign on the back of a truck that reads: “Danger. Wide Turns.” Trucks are both longer and wider than the average vehicle, and their trailer moves on a hinge (like a door).

Because the trailer is so long, it tends to have a limited turn radius. For that reason, you may see trucks pull into the middle of an intersection before they turn onto the cross street at an acute angle. This is the proper turning maneuver, but new and inexperienced drivers can cause a wreck if they turn too wide or too tight or if they fail to recognize a driver in their no-zone.

The Turning Lane

Be cautious if you ever find a truck waiting to turn at the stoplight, especially if there’s a double turn lane. If you pull alongside a truck, especially on the right side, the truck driver may not see you.

If the truck driver turns too tightly, their trailer could clip the side of your vehicle, potentially injuring either you or your passenger. This risk is especially high on the right side of the vehicle because right turns require a tighter turn radius, which increases the risk of a sideswipe.

If you see a truck in the turning lane, it’s a good idea to wait behind them, rather than pull alongside them. By staying out of the truck’s turn radius altogether, you can avoid a serious crash.

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