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What Information Do I Need After a Truck Accident?

Exchanging Information with Truck Drivers After a Crash

A collision with a big rig or other large commercial vehicle can (understandably) leave individuals disoriented and flustered about what steps to take. However, the process of exchanging information is relatively similar to that of any other car accident.

If you are concerned about what specific information to gather from a truck driver following a crash, here are three important things to remember:

CDL Details and Contact Information

A CDL or commercial driver's license provides the same information as a standard driver's license. This (and a phone number) is likely what you think of when you hear the phrase "exchange information" after a crash. You'll want to know the driver's name, whether or not their CDL expired, and their contact information.

If the truck driver does not have their CDL at the time of the crash, it could mean a more significant issue with the trucking company.

Trucking Company Information

Even if the crash was solely caused by driver error, knowing simple details about the trucking company or whoever hired the driver is essential. Because there are specific steps these companies must take before a driver ever gets behind the wheel, it may be necessary to hold them accountable for what happened.

If possible, try to get the name of the trucking company, the driver's direct supervisor, and a valid phone number.

Insurance Information

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforces minimum insurance requirements on trucking companies and contract drivers. As with any other motor vehicle accident, you should get the insurance company name and contact information for both the trucking company and individual driver, as they may have multiple policies.

However, it is usually in your best interest to avoid contacting their insurer until you have retained legal assistance from an experienced truck accident attorney.

Kansas City Truck Accident Attorneys

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