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Semi Truck Blind Spot Mirrors

Should Every Truck Have Blind Spot Mirrors?

It’s no secret that semi-trucks have enormous blind spots. These are so notorious that we have a special name for them, “the no-zone.” And while it’s important for drivers to understand when they’re in a truck driver’s no-zone, there are simple changes carriers can make to their vehicles that could bring visibility to these blind spots. The question is, why isn’t it already being done?

Blind Spot Mirrors

Just because standard mirrors have a blind spot doesn’t mean truck drivers are bound to them. Some truck drivers add their own blind spot mirrors that help them see drivers who are directly below their cab on either side.

These are cheap (usually less than $40) and can shrink the no-zone, particularly on the driver’s side. Used properly, these can potentially save lives. Yet whether they’re used is a personal choice for the truck driver and the carrier. It seems likely that if every truck had these we could potentially reduce semi-truck accidents nationwide.

Rear Camera

While some semi-truck drivers opt for backup cameras, they are not a requirement either federally or at the state level. However, these could also save lives. Having a rear camera streaming at all times could help truck drivers determine when a smaller vehicle is in their rear no-zone (which extends 30ft behind their trailer).

If every truck had a rear camera, they could be better equipped to identify drivers who don’t understand the no-zone and drive too close. There is no harm to having additional safety features and they could even save lives. It’s just a question of when or if the trucking industry will make the change.

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