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Midwestern Malpractice Victims Don’t Have to Go It Alone

When Kansas City residents visit a doctor’s office or experience a stay in a hospital, they generally trust that they will be cared for by a team of professionals focused on patient safety. However, at times, patient safety gets overlooked when a medical professional is negligent or even reckless regarding their job duties. When a patient is injured or even killed due to medical negligence, the aftermath can be both tragic and bewildering. By securing the proper legal help, though, victims can move forward in holding negligent parties accountable.

The process begins with an initial consultation with a medical malpractice attorney. Experienced trial attorneys Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman offer a free consultation to potential clients throughout Missouri as well as Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. At the consultation, a medical malpractice attorney can review the facts of one’s case and hear the patient describe their experience and its effects. The initial consultation will also lay the foundation for an ongoing relationship between client and attorney.

From start to finish, a medical malpractice suit can be an intricate process with many nuances and distinctions. Our firm takes the time to explain the legal process to our clients, as well as how it is possible to obtain the maximum recovery to which one is entitled. After an incident of medical professional negligence, the costs can add up quickly – medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages – and are sometimes only the beginning of the full damages of malpractice.

By utilizing inventive strategies and leveraging the combined experience of team members, our trial attorneys have achieved a track record of helping our clients obtain comprehensive compensation for damages. In addition, the legal professionals have also helped a wide range of victims hold negligent doctors and other entities accountable for serious or fatal errors.