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Signs of Mild Brain Injury and Its Treatment

Throughout Missouri, people are liable to suffer a head injury at any moment. While most won’t result in any long-term damage, a brain injury can still have severe consequences even if it is mild. A concussion is a frequent issue discussed in the news, but the brain damage it can do is slowly becoming more evident.

While a concussion often doesn’t reach the level of a major injury that leads to extensive hospitalization and a dramatically altered life, it is still a brain injury that can disrupt the normal ability to function. Like any physical injury to a part of the body, some are worse than others. That’s true with concussions as well. The level of brain injury and how it’s assessed will depend on the person’s ability to maintain consciousness; if he or she was unconscious, how long it lasted; if there is a problem with memory; if there were other side effects to the behavior, physicality or cognitively; and how effectively they recover.

A concussion is a brain injury. There are three grades to a concussion. In a Grade 1 concussion, the person might exhibit confusion but doesn’t lose consciousness. They may have trouble thinking clearly and have difficulty following directions. This will often resolve itself in 15 minutes. Grade 2 sufferers maintain consciousness but have memory problems. The signs are similar to those in a Grade 1 concussion. The symptoms will extend beyond those in a Grade 1 concussion. In a Grade 3 concussion, the person will be knocked unconscious. He or she will have a clear disruption in how they’re functioning. The amount of time they’re unconscious could last for anywhere between seconds and minutes.

In spite of the increased vigilance regarding concussions in all areas of life, there are still those who don’t understand how badly they’re hurt when they’ve suffered a head injury. In the event there is a brain injury, it’s very possible that there will also be some form of brain damage. This can result in medical costs, an inability to function normally, and other issues. If this occurred because of another’s negligent acts, discussing the matter with a legal professional is a wise decision.

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