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Free Consultation Clears the Path to Accident Compensation

After being in an accident, a Kansas City resident will often feel bewildered, overwhelmed, and possibly victimized. An accident involving head injury can be particularly challenging since there are likely substantial medical bills as well as a lengthy recovery time ahead. If a damaging accident was caused by the negligence of another, accident victims can benefit from a legal consultation.

At Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman, the experienced trial attorneys offer a no-cost consultation. Since a victim of brain injury may be coping with huge medical expenses, everyday life is enough of a financial challenge without adding legal fees to the mix. In addition to a free consultation, the Kansas City personal injury attorneys do not collect attorney’s fees unless their client recovers compensation. As a result, an accident victim can rest assured that they will not be further challenged financially by seeking legal representation.

Why is solid representation important for brain injury and brain damage victims? These types of serious injuries can produce not only mountains of medical bills but also the need for extensive rehabilitation. Without an experienced attorney, it may be extremely difficult to hold a negligent party accountable and, thus, obtain adequate accident compensation. In addition, the victim may be suffering from a combination of physical and emotional pain that can make even simple daily tasks daunting. Pursuing a lawsuit, then, can be left to assertive attorneys ready to fight on one’s behalf.

In some brain injury cases, the victim may be unable to seek legal help. If this is the case, family members can attend a free consultation in order to make matters as easy as possible for the victim and their loved ones.