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Missouri Cdls Can Be Taken Away From Negligent Drivers

On behalf of Shamberg, Johnson & Bergman posted in Truck Accidents on Friday, June 19, 2015.

A driver’s license allows many Kansas City residents to get from home to work or school every day; for others, a driver’s license is what allows them to earn a living in the first place. Those who work in the transportation industry frequently need to obtain a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, in order to maintain employment. The CDL involves more stringent standards for driving safety than does a noncommercial driver’s license. It is crucial that these safety standards are prioritized by drivers, otherwise, they may cause a commercial vehicle accident or see their licenses taken away.

In the state of Missouri, drivers who have a CDL of class A, B, or C are automatically licensed to operate both certain commercial vehicles as well as private vehicles. Still, if the driver commits an offense which results in his or her driver’s license being suspended or revoked, that driver will often lose all of their driving privileges. In other words, even if the incident resulting in suspension or revocation happened in a private vehicle while the driver was off work, the state can take away the driver’s commercial driving privileges.

This goes to show that the state of Missouri takes commercial driving safety seriously. Truck driver negligence, such as speeding, can cause serious injuries and bring forth penalties against the truck driver. However, even if the state takes away the driving privileges of a negligent driver, that individual may still choose to get out on the road anyway and cause damage.

Those who have been victimized by an inattentive truck driver, drunk truck driver, or other irresponsible drivers may consider the possibility of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. A Missouri truck accident attorney can hold negligent truckers responsible for their damaging actions; more information can be obtained via an initial consultation.

Source: The Missouri Department of Revenue, “Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operators and the Law,” accessed June 12, 2015