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SJB Files Suits for Rajanna Family in Deadly I-435 KCPD-Related Accident

Shamberg Johnson & Bergman has filed a lawsuit with the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri, on behalf of the family of Chandan Rajanna.  Mr. Rajanna was a 17-year old senior at Shawnee Mission South High School when the vehicle in which he was a passenger was struck by a Kansas City Police Department van. Mr. Rajanna tragically died from the collision.  The van was driven by an off duty KCPD police officer, Terrell Watkins, and the accident occurred on October 17, 2018.

Mr. Rajanna’s father, Krishna Rajanna, and his older sister, Lisa Allen, were also seriously injured in the crash.  SJB also filed individual lawsuits on their behalves for injuries sustained.  The three lawsuits accuse Watkins of negligence, driving too fast, failing to watch the road properly, following too closely, and failing to brake in time to avoid hitting the Rajanna family’s car.

“The Rajanna family lost a beloved and bright son, brother, and friend,” said SJB attorney David R. Morantz, the family’s attorney. “In addition to continuing to mourn Chandan’s passing, the family is also caring for serious injuries to Chandan’s father and sister.”

“We are anxious to learn more about what Mr. Watkins was doing, where he was driving, and at whose direction he was working at the time of the collision. Court-governed formal discovery and continued investigation should produce answers to these questions,” Morantz said.

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