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NHTSA’s Winter Driving Tips

With chilly temperatures rapidly approaching across the country, the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a series of driving tips to help motorists prepare for dangerous winter driving conditions (Winter Driving Tips).


  • Get Your Car Serviced – visit your mechanic for a tune-up
  • Check for Recalls – use NHTSA’s look-up tool at https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls
  • Know Your Car – review your owner’s manual
  • Plug It In – charge electric and hybrid-electric vehicles
  • Stock Your Vehicle – carry items in your vehicle you might need in an emergency
  • Plan Your Travel and Route – check the weather, road conditions, and traffic
  • Go Over Your Vehicle Safety Checklist
    • Battery
    • Lights
    • Cooling System
    • Windshield Wipers
    • Floor Mats
    • Tires


  • Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones – always wear your seat belt
  • Protect Your Children – make sure car seats and booster seats are properly installed


  • Stay Alert – change drivers or rest if you feel drowsy
  • Avoid Risky Driving Behaviors – do not speed or drive distracted
  • Slow Down in Winter Conditions – it is harder to stop on a slick surface
  • Navigate Carefully Around Snow Plows – stay behind it or use caution when passing


  • Stay with Your Car – don’t overexert yourself
  • Don’t Run Car for Long Periods with the Windows Up – just long enough to stay warm

It is important to use extra caution when driving in winter conditions. For more information and to help you remember these winter safety tips, the NHTSA provides a downloadable pdf file on its web site at https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/documents/14536-winter_driving_tips_2019-2020_111519_v1a_tag.pdf.

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