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Driver Safety Contest for Missouri High Schools

The Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is sponsoring a 2018 safety competition for all Missouri high schools (Missouri High Schools Challenged to Drive Safely and Buckle Up!). The  “It Only Takes One” campaign, which will run from October 1 through the end of the current school year, provides schools an opportunity to win prizes while teaching young drivers safe driving habits and proper seat belt usage.

The campaign aims to emphasize to teenage drivers that it only takes ONE text, ONE drink, ONE call, ONE reach, ONE distraction to cause ONE deadly moment. In contrast, ONE fastened seat belt could save your life in a car accident.

“Nearly seven out of ten young drivers and passengers killed in 2017 Missouri vehicle traffic crashes weren’t buckled up,” said Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety executive committee chair Jon Nelson. “Through education, competition, and fun, the ‘It Only Take One’ campaign can make a difference with young Missourians and save lives.”

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for people between fifteen and twenty years old. Distracted driving is the number one cause of fatal accidents for teens – the presence of just one passenger in the vehicle makes a deadly crash twice as likely.

The campaign includes two surprise seat belt checks at each high school and educational programs encouraging safe driving throughout the school year. Each school will also be allowed to submit a 30-second video advertisement designed to promote automobile safety among their peers.

Prizes, consisting of funding for further safe driving education, will be awarded to schools that create the best educational campaigns and advertisements. Banners will be presented to the schools with the highest seat belt usage. High schools can sign up to participate in the “It Only Takes One” program online at www.savemolives.com/itonlytakesone.

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