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Where Are a Truck's "No-Zones"?

Blind spots are the areas on a vehicle where the driver cannot see in their rear or side-view mirrors. Due to trucks being more significant in size compared to a normal passenger car, the blind spots are significantly greater as well. A truck's blind spot, also known as "no zones,” surrounds the entire truck, making it difficult to identify other drivers on the road. Unlike standard vehicle drivers, truck drivers cannot see in their blind spots by looking over their shoulders because the truck's trainer is in their view.

"No-Zones" Around a Truck

Regular cars have blind spots on each side of the vehicle, whereas trucks have additional blind spots close to the front (because of their height) and in the rear (because of the load blocking their back view).

There are four "no-zones" around a truck at all times:

  • Right side "no-zone" – Covers around two lanes
  • Left side "no-zone" – Covers around one lane
  • Rear "no-zone" – Around 20-25 ft
  • Front "no-zone" – Around 200 ft

Always remember that because of the driver's positioning, the right side covers almost twice the amount of the left. It's also important to keep in mind that driving behind a truck too closely can be extremely dangerous. This is because not only are you likely driving in their blind spot, but you are also limiting yourself from being able to see the road ahead or have adequate reaction time if the truck stops abruptly.

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