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Large truck on highway

Why You Should Never Tailgate a Large Truck

Sharing the road with large trucks can be scarier than other standard passenger cars. To prevent unwanted accidents and ease driving anxiety, educating yourself with many truck safety tips and tricks is important.


As a driver, you should know that your car has two blind spots, one on each side. Unlike regular cars, trucks also have blind spots (also known as "no-zones") around the truck. They are located in the front, back, and on both sides of the driver. Mapping out "no-zones" on a truck can vary depending on the type of truck it is, but they can be mapped on most trucks as follows:

  • Right side – Approximately two lanes in distance
  • Left side – Approximately one lane in distance
  • Front of the truck – Approximately 20 feet
  • Behind the truck – Approximately 30 feet


Tailgating should always be avoided when sharing the road with a large truck. It's common for a truck to be governed by a speed limiter, so they aren't always able to drive at speeds that are too fast for the particular type of truck. Trucks may also cover a few miles before reaching the driver's desired speed since it requires much more work and extra time.

To avoid tailgating, you should reduce your speed when unable to pass a slower-moving truck safely. When following too closely to a large truck, you cannot see what's in front of the truck, so if the driver needs to stop abruptly, you risk not having enough reaction time to stop safely.

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